The idea of learning from nature was an interesting concept. I am accustomed to thinking about working with nature, but learning from nature about how best to deal with sustainability and resilience issues is an idea that I want to spend more time exploring.

I believe the key to addressing the issues of climate change/sustainability/resilience is economics. The gift of capitalism is the power to motivate people and behavior. I do not believe that appeals for moral behavior or leading with scientific fact will be successful. We should focus on changing behavior, not belief. Fortunately we have a tool – economics. This means the ULI needs to help develop a better cost / benefits model that comprehensively reflects the costs and benefits of climate/sustainability/resilience. We need to shift attitudes from the view that addressing these issues is a cost and burden, to the view that it creates value and benefits that far exceed the cost.

There is no organization in the world that is better positioned to address the issues of climate change / sustainability / resilience / and natural resource depletion than ULI. These issue present unimaginable economic opportunities. ULI and it members should be the leaders in developing and implementing solutions to these issues.