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Rapid Urbanization: A ULI Fellow’s View

By: Greg Clark

How will we adapt to change?

By: Eric Swanson

The concept of what is going to change in the real estate industry is always a challenge  Understanding the change itself isn’t necessarily the difficult part — but how to adapt to that change is tough. As an example, in… Continue Reading →

Demographics: People not data

By: Rosemary Feenan

I was surprised by the number

By: Heidi Sweetnam

I was surprised by the number. One fifth of all retail space is underutilized and is going to have to be repurposed, said Dr. James Tompkins, CEO Tompkins International, at the mid winter meeting in Paris. While part of the… Continue Reading →

Rapid change in today’s business environment and the real estate sector

By: Susan Stupin

ULI can make a profound difference

By: Ann Taylor

When asked how he rates discussions of resiliency and sustainability at the ULI Midwinter meeting, Philip Payne answers with one word. “Encouraging.” The CEO of Gingko Residential, Payne was founding chair of the ULI Responsible Property Investing Council,  and has… Continue Reading →

Comments on Transformational Change: The future as seen through demographics and technology / e-commerce

By: Andy Martin

A Vision of the Future from Global Mayors

By: Urban Land Institute

Resiliency and Climate Change

By: Dame Judith Mayhew-Jonas

Thoughts on Resiliency and Climate Change

By: Philip Payne

The idea of learning from nature was an interesting concept. I am accustomed to thinking about working with nature, but learning from nature about how best to deal with sustainability and resilience issues is an idea that I want to… Continue Reading →

Steal This Idea

By: Jess Zimbabwe

In today’s Mayors’ Panel, moderator Ed Glaeser, author of The Triumph of the City, opened the conversation by asking the four assembled mayors what about Paris they most wish they could take home to their cities. Former Mayor Manny Diaz… Continue Reading →

Goodwin Gaw on Demographics and Infrastructure in Asia

By: Goodwin Gaw

Leading for Mobility

By: Jess Zimbabwe

During today’s breakout session on leadership, the assembled group addressed issues that leaders could better focus on in order to promote more mobility of households and jobs. After discussing the role of the internet, public sector economic development tools, new… Continue Reading →

The Future of Resorts

By: Gregory Rockett

Chair of ULI Ireland shares his thoughts on Retail and Residential sessions

By: Brian Moran

A View from the Office Breakout Session

By: Marilee Utter

I was taken by the near unanimity in our discussion about the demand and therefore value of office spaces that are well in a location that provides a “neighborhood” of mixed-uses and mobility choices. Does that mean the demise of… Continue Reading →

Mayor Ignazio Marino outlines the plan for the City of Rome

By: Mayor Ignazio Marino

Mayor Sly James explains the plans for Kansas City

By: Mayor Sly James

Leadership: What Needs to Change?

By: Kathleen Carey

The participants in this morning’s breakout session on Leadership represented a broad cross section of leaders themselves – active in private and public companies, public service, and not for profits.  As you might expect,  dozens of ideas were suggested in… Continue Reading →

From “Just in Time” to “Just Your Way”

By: Patrick Phillips

Opening keynoter Jim Tompkins may have given ULI a lesson from logistics. His insight that omnichannel retailing–integrating stores, catalog, and online for purchases, returns, liquidation–is all about customizing the experience for the consumer reminds that ULI members too want a… Continue Reading →

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