During today’s breakout session on leadership, the assembled group addressed issues that leaders could better focus on in order to promote more mobility of households and jobs. After discussing the role of the internet, public sector economic development tools, new technologies such as driverless cars, the social safety net, personal and payroll taxation, and special interest groups who oppose density, the group voted on three over-arching themes for leaders in the real estate industry:

  1. Government policy should promote dramatically increased investment in all modes of infrastructure. This includes not just roads and bridges, but transit and accommodations for walking and biking, as well as broadband
  2. Change public policy and private investment decisions to promote a rental housing model at all income levels
  3. Provide infrastructure for entrepreneurship. This includes co-working space, connections to investors, and scalable services

These ideas are a part of the raw material that will fuel an action plan coming out of this meeting. By encouraging leaders to embrace and be strategic about new technologies and demographic trends, the delegates to this meeting are confident we can make more efficient household and job location decisions.