2015 ULI Midwinter Meeting Video

By: Urban Land Institute

Be prepared for a jobless future

By: Lizette van Doorn

According to Rik Kirkland, author of the book “Manager and Machine: The New Leadership Equation” and Director of Publishing at McKinsey & Company, we definitely need to prepare ourselves for a jobless future, given the impressive development of artificial intelligence…. Continue Reading →

Rapid change in today’s business environment and the real estate sector

By: Susan Stupin

Goodwin Gaw on Demographics and Infrastructure in Asia

By: Goodwin Gaw

Mayor Ignazio Marino outlines the plan for the City of Rome

By: Mayor Ignazio Marino

Comments on Transformational Change: The future as seen through demographics and technology / e-commerce

By: Jeremy Newsum

What Does Intergenerational Mean Today?

By: Maureen McAvey

In looking at the Think Piece materials prior to next week’s meeting in Paris, I am struck by how much has changed. When I first came in to ULI as a member back in the ‘80’s I was one of few women, few… Continue Reading →

Where Will We All Grow Old?

By: Sarene Marshall

As I prepare to attend my first Midwinter ULI Trustees meeting, the question of adaptability in the housing sector is striking a personal chord, especially as I read these words in the Starting Point document: “In a capital-intensive industry that… Continue Reading →

Can Long-Term Assets Be Adaptable?

By: Joseph Klem

We’re challenging our Midwinter Meeting attendees to think hard about adaptability. One statement from the “Starting Point” (pre-reading) document caught my eye: In a capital-intensive industry that produces long-lived assets, innovation and adaptation are challenging. With rapid, transformational changes in technology, shifts… Continue Reading →

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