Dr. Rodin Gives keynote speech at Midwinter

By: Lela Agnew

Dr. Judith Rodin joined us at the ULI meeting last night in Paris — an ideal place, she said, to reflect on the “limitlessness of human imagination and ingenuity.” She began by sharing J.C. Nichols’s first trip to Paris as… Continue Reading →

Goodwin Gaw on Demographics and Infrastructure in Asia

By: Goodwin Gaw

Leading for Mobility

By: Jess Zimbabwe

During today’s breakout session on leadership, the assembled group addressed issues that leaders could better focus on in order to promote more mobility of households and jobs. After discussing the role of the internet, public sector economic development tools, new… Continue Reading →

Infrastructure session

By: Marilee Utter

I loved this morning’s conversation on infrastructure because the global perspectives of the participants were so enlightening. Vincent Lo commented on the big differences between developing countries and developed countries in needs and resources. He also noted the effects that… Continue Reading →

A New “Emerging Trend?” : Energy Market as the Derailer

By: Kathleen Carey

As we travel the U.S. and talk about Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2015, I often ask the panelists and audience what they think will derail the current economic recovery in the U.S. Frequently cited is the volatility and uncertainty in oil prices.

Broadband access as a public utility

By: Jess Zimbabwe

One of the things you might want to ask Mayor Sly James about next week in Paris is his city’s experience with Google Fiber, a system that provides widespread internet speeds of a gigabit per second (about 20 times faster… Continue Reading →

Can Long-Term Assets Be Adaptable?

By: Joseph Klem

We’re challenging our Midwinter Meeting attendees to think hard about adaptability. One statement from the “Starting Point” (pre-reading) document caught my eye: In a capital-intensive industry that produces long-lived assets, innovation and adaptation are challenging. With rapid, transformational changes in technology, shifts… Continue Reading →

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