2015 ULI Midwinter Meeting Video

By: Urban Land Institute

Urban Land Online: E-Commerce’s Global Impact Still Expanding


Global e-commerce titans, such as Google and Amazon and China’s Alibaba, are transforming customer expectations on product selection, convenience, and shopping experiences, which may lead to less demand for traditional retail real estate, Jim Tompkins, CEO of Tompkins International, told attendees at ULI’s Midwinter Meeting in Paris last week.

World’s Cities Largely Unprepared for Effect of Climate Change

Urban Land Online: World’s Cities Largely Unprepared for Effect of Climate Change


London Mayor Boris Johnson believes voters are one of the biggest obstacles to improving the city’s resilience to the effects of climate change.

Building Healthy Places with Sir Malcolm Grant of the National Health Service of England

By: Urban Land Institute

Rapid Urbanization

By: Phil Kim

Retail Flight Path?

By: Stephen Navarro

Is retail change sitting on the runway waiting to lift off, or will we find ourselves strapped into a rocket ship blasting straight up at 6 G’s?  As members thought about this in a discussion group, opinions flourished.  Some believe… Continue Reading →

Emerging markets and rapid urbanization

By: Jon Zehner

Lessons for housing in South Korea

By: In-Keun Lee

Be prepared for a jobless future

By: Lizette van Doorn

According to Rik Kirkland, author of the book “Manager and Machine: The New Leadership Equation” and Director of Publishing at McKinsey & Company, we definitely need to prepare ourselves for a jobless future, given the impressive development of artificial intelligence…. Continue Reading →

The benefits of the Midwinter meeting

By: Vincent Lo

Dr. Rodin Gives keynote speech at Midwinter

By: Lela Agnew

Dr. Judith Rodin joined us at the ULI meeting last night in Paris — an ideal place, she said, to reflect on the “limitlessness of human imagination and ingenuity.” She began by sharing J.C. Nichols’s first trip to Paris as… Continue Reading →

Real estate as a health care strategy?

By: Sarene Marshall

One key theme of this Midwinter leadership meeting has been the disruption of traditional definitions of space and sectors. E-commerce companies are buying manufacturers, retailers are becoming logistics companies, industrial spaces and offices are being blended with housing and other… Continue Reading →

Deborah Harmon, Deborah Ratner Salzberg, Richard Perlmutter interview

By: Lisa Rother

In a truly global gathering of ULI leaders and Trustees in Paris, there are several developers and investors from the U.S. National Capital participating in the thought leadership activities.  I caught up with several of them on day two of… Continue Reading →

City Leadership

By: Manny Diaz

Global Healthcare

By: Malcom Grant

A Leadership Vision for the Future

Resorts and Technology

By: Peter Walker

Green Buildings and the Housing Challenge

By: Stuart Lipton

The effect of changing retail trends on real estate

By: James Tompkins

Global housing

By: Amlan Roy

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